Clean Energy Industry Job Training


BPI Heating Professional Training

This is a BPI advanced certification course focused on optimizing forced air, domestic hot water, and boiler heating systems for energy efficiency, occupant comfort, and health and safety from a house as a system approach.

BPI certification is the nationally approved training standard of the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® Program of the US Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency.

  • National Certification: students prepare and earn certifications that are portable credentials, nationally recognized in the residential new construction, remodeling and energy conservation industries.  
  • Competitive advantage for construction workers by combining existing building and mechanical trade skills with energy auditing and weatherization training.
  • Course taught by BPI certified trainers through Energy Conservation Training Company with Home Performance contracting experience.

Course contents:

  • Fundamentals of combustion

  • Heating system types

  • Distribution system types

  • Water heating system types

  • Venting of combustion appliances

  • Carbon monoxide and gas leakage diagnostic testing

  • Duct blaster technology and duct leakage testing

  • System efficiency analysis

  • Health and safety 

Course suggested prerequisites:  BPI Building Analyst or PTCS certification, High School Diploma or GED. Minimum 2 years construction experience or equivalent training or education.Proficiency in reading, writing, and math. Proficiency using computers including Microsoft Office and the Internet. Access to a computer with Internet access.

Please call us to register: (503) 206-7470

and mechanical trade skills with energy auditing and weatherization training.