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Level I Certified Infrared Thermographer Course

This exciting hands-on course is designed for professionals seeking to use thermal imaging across a range of applications and to earn a recognized certification for successful completion. During the course you’ll learn firsthand how thermal imaging can be used for building inspections, electrical and mechanical inspections, energy loss evaluations, predictive maintenance and more. Through combined classroom and hands-on segments you’ll learn how to capture a quality thermal image and diagnose your findings. Upon completing the course, you’ll be eligible to complete our Level I Certified Infrared Thermographer written exam.


Physics, Fundamentals, and Theory

Using an ASNT compliant program which has successfully trained thousands of thermographers worldwide, we teach you the science behind thermal imaging using easy to follow concepts. From heat transfer to thermal anomalies, you’ll learn the fundamental principals every professional thermographer needs to know.

Hands-on Training

This component is key to our program, as it provides an opportunity for you to experiment with different infrared cameras through instructor lead, hands-on exercises. You’ll learn about the power of heat transfer, reflectance, and solar load as you discover what it takes to capture a quality thermal image. By the end of the two days you will know how to properly setup, focus, and capture quality infrared images using a thermal imaging camera.

FLIR, FLUKE and TESTO Cameras Provided

During training you’ll have the opportunity to demo infrared cameras from today’s leading manufacturers. Discover the benefits of features such as high resolution detectors, digital camera integration, and wi-fi capability. This is a great opportunity to try different thermal imagers before deciding which to buy. And for those students who already own an infrared camera, we strongly recommend bringing it to class. Your instructor will be happy to go over each feature and function, regardless of the brand or model.

Level I Certified Infrared Thermographer Exam

Students who successfully complete the training program are eligible to take a final written exam to earn Level I Certification through Infraspection Institute®. Exam will be administered on the final day of training and certificate issued within 30 days of test date.

Discounts on Infrared Camera Purchases

For students of this program wishing to purchase an infrared camera, manufacturer discounts and incentives are available. Demo cameras may also be available forpurchase on the final day of class. For more information, please call (805) 644-2877.


This course qualifies for 16 BPI CEU’s