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PTCS Duct Seal Training

PTCS is a certification program for residential heat pumps and duct systems. It is sponsored by the Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) based on recommendations made by the Regional Technical Forum (RTF) regarding the best practices for high performing HVAC systems. Through the PTCS program, contractors are trained in the specifications and must submit paperwork for each job to a local approved PTCS registry.

The PTCS Duct Seal training class covers several aspects of the PTCS program including:

  • Pressure diagnostics in the building to identify leakage to the outside.

  • The use of testing equipment like the duct blaster, blower door, and manometer.

  • Proper techniques for securing and sealing ductwork, including mechanical fastening, Panduit straps, and the use of mastic.

  • Program specific requirements to qualify for utility incentives and tax credits.

Please call us to register: (503) 206-7470

Classes held at:
ECONTC Training Center
11517 NE Marx St
Portland, OR 97220