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BPI Exam Scheduling

Please call us to schedule your BPI written or field exam: (503) 206-7470

We are here to help you keep your BPI certifications up to date. We offer both BPI written and BPI field exams at our BPI Test Center in Portland, OR.

BPI written exams are $250 per certification, and BPI field exams are $500 per certification. Multiple BPI certification field exams can be combined into a single one-on-one exam, and are scheduled with a BPI Certified Proctor. All BPI one-on-one field exams are scheduled separately to meet your needs.

You can take your BPI field exam in the lab at our BPI Test Center, or for an additional fee ($100 within 20 miles of our office) we will come to your house. To qualify as a BPI test site the house you choose must:

1) At a minimum have one atmospherically vented combustion appliance
2) Be a place that will support the operation of a blower door and/or duct blower
3) Must NOT BE a potentially hazardous environment (Including but not limited to asbestos-like material, mold and mildew in excess of 10 square feet of surface area, etc)
4) A ducted distribution system (For Heating and A/C Heat Pump only!)

Payment must be received prior to taking your exam(s).

To schedule a BPI Certification exam please call us: (503) 206-7470
 ECONTC BPI Test Center, 11517 NE Marx St - Portland, OR 97220