Clean Energy Industry Job Training


Was offered a job because of your training

Nicholas P.

Again, I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to participate in your BPI (Building Peformance Institute) training and certification program.  The information and education offered through your program has helped me immensely in preparing for a career in Home Performance.  Thanks to the help and support of everyone wihtin your company, as well as those at Mt. Hood Community College, I was offered a postiion at one of the most reputable home performance contracting firms in the Portland area, before I had even completed the training.  Since completing the training and starting with my company, I have been exposed to many different aspects of home performance and energy auditing.  I can honestly attest that your training and certification program has been absolutely necessary in allowing me to not only work, but also excel in this exciting industry.  I wish you the best in your company's future, and hope that more people get the chance to participate in ECONTC's BPI training and certification program.  Thanks again and good luck in Texas.